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HANYS' Mission

To advance the health of individuals and communities by providing leadership, representation, and service to healthcare providers and systems across the entire continuum of care.

About the Healthcare Association of New York State

The Value of Membership, the Power of Association.


HANYS is proud to be the only association that represents and advocates on behalf of all New York's hospitals and health systems at all levels of the federal and state government. HANYS has access to policy leaders, regardless of their political affiliation, and is an integral player in health policy discussions. HANYS also communicates members' concerns and positions to New York and national media in support of the Association's legislative and regulatory initiatives.

HANYS PAC and the New York State Hospital and Healthcare Associations' Federal PAC are independent political action committees formed to offer concerned individuals the means to make candidates aware of the problems confronting hospitals, health systems, continuing care providers, and other providers of healthcare services in New York State.

Members receive benefit in both tangible and intangible ways from HANYS' clout in Albany and Washington, D.C.

HANYS' advocacy victories have included:

  • Beating back billions of dollars in proposed state Medicaid cuts and taxes
  • Winning billions of dollars in state funding to address the healthcare workforce shortage and aging healthcare infrastructure
  • Defeating billions of dollars in proposed federal Medicare cuts and winning billions of dollars in Medicare relief
  • Defeating arbitrary staffing ratios
  • Ensuring that managed care plans meet their legal obligations

In addition, HANYS has played a leadership role in:

  • National and state quality assessment and measurement initiatives
  • Reinforcing the mission of not-for-profit and public healthcare providers and its importance in New York's healthcare system
  • Ensuring public awareness of the economic impact of New York's healthcare providers
  • Enhancing non-profit corporate accountability
  • Advancing debate on needed health system redesign issues

HANYS Listens to Members

HANYS' advocacy and leadership activities are informed by members' views, expressed through the HANYS Board of Trustees, committees, regional associations, and statewide meetings and conferences.

The Association's unique understanding and representation of its diverse constituencies - teaching, rural, small community, suburban, specialty hospitals, and continuing care facilities and programs - gives HANYS great credibility with decision-makers.

Strategic Alliances Expand HANYS' Reach

HANYS works with the American Hospital Association, New York's regional hospital/healthcare associations, and a powerful network of outside lobbyists and policy experts. As strategic need arises, HANYS allies with other healthcare organizations, consumer and labor groups, and others to advance solutions to the workforce shortage, the rising number of uninsured, and improving community health status.

HANYS' affiliate, Healthcare Trustees of New York State (HTNYS), is the pre-eminent trustee organization in the United States. HTNYS supports and promotes the advocacy efforts of healthcare trustees and offers the largest trustee education conference in the nation.


HANYS leads in providing data and intelligence on healthcare policy and operations. With a 90-year legacy of leadership in benchmarking, trending, modeling, and forecasting in a wide variety of data, HANYS is able to project the financial consequences of reimbursement proposals and evaluate broad policy initiatives. HANYS can provide members and policy makers with data tailored to an individual facility or legislative district.

These capabilities inform both HANYS' advocacy efforts and meet members' operational needs across a broad array of strategic priorities, including finance and reimbursement, workforce, quality, planning and marketing, and managed care.

No other association in the country can provide the modeling capability and level of facility-specific financial and market analysis that HANYS can. In fact, HANYS' principal business subsidiary, HANYS Solutions, has placed significant focus on the growth of the national market for data services—achieving revenue growth that helps offset the pressure on member dues.

In addition:

  • The Healthcare Educational and Research Fund (HERF) plans and coordinates the “signature” meetings and conferences for HANYS' members and is highly regarded as a source of quality programming in strategies and tools to improve the delivery of quality healthcare. HERF programs are offered in person, by satellite, through video- and audio-conferencing, and online.
  • HANYS' Data Academy, a first-of-its kind educational initiative, provides training in the tactical and strategic application of healthcare data through three tracks—workshops designed to train senior management teams; focused half-day programs for department-level, front-line data users; and workshops driven by emerging data-related issues.

Positioning Members for Success

HANYS' fee-for-service affiliate, HANYS Solutions, provides a wide range of marketplace solutions to members seeking to not just survive, but thrive, in today's challenging environment.

HANYS Solutions has more than 35 years experience providing valued tools and products aligned with the Association's strategic priorities and designed to address the issues and problems currently facing New York's healthcare providers. HSI is nationally recognized for its expertise and leadership in data tools, solutions, and education. Revenue from HSI provides financial support of HANYS' advocacy activities.

Recognizing the multiple challenges facing healthcare operations, HSI has several companies organized to meet the specific needs of healthcare providers: DataGen, Integrity Works, HANYS Benefit Services, and HANYS' Group Purchasing Services.

Visit HANYS' Products, Services, and Affiliated Organizations for more information, including links to our detailed product-specific websites.

DataGen is the vehicle for selling HANYS-developed Medicare modeling tools nationally. Whether it is determining the impact of a new Medicare payment system on an individual facility; comparing the impact of proposed Medicare payment changes within a system, state, or region; or projecting an individual hospital's Medicare revenues, DataGen turns healthcare data into knowledge. Today, DataGen products and services are used by most of the nation's state hospital/healthcare associations representing more than half of the nation's hospitals.

HANYS Benefit Services helps the healthcare community recruit and retain staff by offering and capably servicing unique or competitive risk and investment products. Fees and commissions earned are reinvested in services for HANYS' membership. With more than 40 years experience, HBS provides insurance, investments, and consulting related to employee benefits. Through Strategic Benefit Services, the same portfolio of cost-effective benefit programs is offered and tailored to the diverse needs of employers of all sizes. Again, HANYS' members reap benefit from this revenue stream.


HANYS' communications provides critical support to members. HANYS leads in providing data and intelligence on healthcare policy and operations. With a 90-year legacy of leadership in benchmarking, trending, modeling, and forecasting in a wide variety of data, HANYS is able to project the financial consequences of reimbursement proposals and evaluate broad policy initiatives. HANYS can provide members and policy makers with data tailored to an individual facility or legislative district.

HANYS maintains a significant communications infrastructure to keep its members on top of the issues that matter most to them.

HANYS' flagship communications vehicle is the HANYS News, which is sent to all members and is available by subscription to hundreds of opinion leaders, journalists, and health policy experts. HANYS also produces:

  • E-mail alerts, or E-lerts, to keep members up-to-date on breaking issues in Albany and Washington;
  • HANYS' E-clips, a weekday morning summary of health policy and provider news from around New York and the nation;
  • bulletins that provide members with information on new developments and resources; and
  • documents, including white papers, on policy issues and technical developments.

HANYS' Executive Suite, a first-of-its-kind service, offers information resources and facility-specific data targeted to healthcare executives' strategic priorities.

HANYS' website provides members' with exclusive access to a wealth of technical data and information as well as public access to the critical issues facing healthcare providers.

HANYS' staff is always accessible to the membership to answer calls, make personal visits, provide on-site board and management staff presentations, and offer education.

More Information

For additional information about HANYS, its subsidiaries, advocacy activity, leadership, marketplace assistance, business lines, products, services and staff, you may explore the HANYS' website, email your questions and comments to, or call HANYS' Corporate Communications and Marketing staff at (518) 431-7770.