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HANYS Meets With DOH on Doctors Across New York Implementation

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HANYS recently met with the Department of Health (DOH) to advocate for improvements to the Doctors Across New York (DANY) program implementation, based on member concerns.

DANY offers practice support and loan repayment programs to recruit physicians, particularly in areas of the state where there are physician shortages. While a first round of DANY funds was awarded this year, HANYS is advocating for additional funding for another cohort of physicians.

At the recent meeting, HANYS asked DOH to provide comprehensive guidance to providers implementing DANY loan repayment and practice support awards. All HANYS’ members that have received loan repayment awards should have received an e-mail from DOH with initial implementation instructions. DOH indicated that a packet and checklist for practice support awardees will be distributed shortly.

HANYS also requested flexibility in the timing of securing eligible physicians, the period for completing the contracting process, and with physician eligibility criteria. DOH is encouraging hospitals to move quickly to fill DANY physician slots. DOH was sensitive to HANYS’ argument that the physician recruiting process is generally much longer than the six months allowed under DANY, but indicated that a failure to complete contracts by the end of the state fiscal year could place funding at risk. DOH indicated a willingness to entertain flexibility on physician eligibility on a case-by-case basis if the requested changes did not substantively alter what was applied for in the original application.

HANYS asked DOH to assist with the active promotion of the DANY awards, requested DOH assist in securing federal economic stimulus funds for additional cohorts of DANY awards, and shared feedback on the application process to improve future DANY award cycles.

HANYS and DOH will continue meeting throughout the summer to monitor progress and implementation issues. HANYS will schedule a conference call for late June with DANY awardees to provide an update and seek additional feedback. Implementation questions and comments should be directed to Sherry Chorost, Director of Workforce, at or at (518) 431-7726. Contact: Steven Kroll

Published June 5, 2009