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HANYS Solutions and RelayHealth Expand Partnership

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HANYS Solutions expanded its relationship with RelayHealth as the preferred partner for revenue cycle management solutions for HANYS’ member hospitals and health systems.

The expanded agreement offers HANYS’ members the benefits of RelayHealth’s end-to-end solutions to manage revenue in patient access and financial services divisions. These solutions include patient eligibility and financial clearance, claims management and financial settlement analytics, and outsourcing services.

RelayHealth’s end-to-end revenue cycle software and professional services include: 

  • RelayClearance:  Hospital staff responsible for patient access can efficiently verify patient insurance eligibility, estimate patient financial responsibility, validate patient identity, and determine financial assistance for patients who are unable to pay.
  • RelayAssurance: Billing staff are able to automate claim editing to identify errors before submission, eliminate rejections, manage secondary billing, and shorten submission and payment cycles. RelayAssurance helps hospitals keep cash flowing by accelerating and improving the reimbursement process, and providing access to more than 1,800 health plans—including direct entry to Medicare. 
  • RelayResolution: Revenue cycle professional services for self-pay and third-party collections, denials management, Medicare secondary outsourcing, health information system accounts receivable transformation, and retrospective audits to check accuracy of past charges and billing.

To learn more about how RelayHealth, contact Terry August, Director of Marketing, at (518) 431-7652 or at Contact: Michael Fraser

Published March 21, 2011