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Medicaid Spending Finishes $14 Million Below Global Cap for State Fiscal Year 2011-2012

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The Cuomo Administration announced Tuesday that spending came in $14 million below the $15.3 billion Medicaid global spending cap for state fiscal year (SFY) 2011-2012. This means the health care sector succeeded in reducing Medicaid spending by more than $640 million, which represents the amount for which providers were at risk under the global cap in last year’s budget.  As a result, a Medicaid Savings Allocation Plan was not used to further reduce spending to stay within the cap.

The global cap and associated provisions, including Department of Health (DOH) authority to reduce spending if the cap is pierced, continue this year and through the end of the next fiscal year (SFY 2013-2014).  The cap for this year (SFY 2012-2013) is $15.9 billion.   Contact: Nicholas Henley

Published May 3, 2012