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HANYS Provides Comments to PHHPC Panel on CON

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HANYS is supporting changes to the Certificate of Need (CON) program that will eliminate unnecessary delays and support innovative proposals that are consistent with state and federal health reform principles.

In comments submitted last week to a subcommittee of the Public Health and Health Planning Council (PHHPC) looking into streamlining CON, HANYS supported many of the administrative streamlining proposals currently under consideration and generally urged a greater focus on timeliness in the process. HANYS’ comments also call for the elimination of barriers to joint hospital-physician collaboration and removal of CON requirements for services that can be expanded in the private office setting without state approval.

Members may follow the PHHPC Committee on Health Planning’s deliberations either via Webcast or by attending the next public meeting, which is scheduled for May 9 at 11 a.m. at the Department of Health offices in Manhattan.  HANYS will attend the session and is interested in hearing any comments members may have about these ongoing deliberations.

A draft set of proposals that will be considered at this session is available on the HANYS Web site.

CON reform is a key element of HANYS’ ongoing mandate relief agenda, and is addressed in HANYS’ latest publication, Still Tangled Up in Rules, which was mailed to all members last week.  Contact: Frederick Heigel

Published May 7, 2012