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HANYS Successful in Streamlining Doctors Across New York Process

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As a result of HANYS’ advocacy, statutory changes were made in this year’s state budget to improve and streamline the Doctors Across New York (DANY) program.  HANYS is working with state officials to implement these changes, which accomplish several key objectives:

  • The application process going forward will be non-competitive, with a 30-day turnaround time for review of applications.  Further, applicants will not be prohibited from calling the Department of Health (DOH) with questions about their applications as they complete them.
  • The statute mandated that DOH establish a workgroup to assist in the development of a streamlined process.  HANYS and several other stakeholders are members of this workgroup and, as a result of HANYS’ input, DOH simplified the application process by putting forth a proposed, single application to be used for both DANY programs—loan repayment and practice support.  In addition, the new application will be able to be submitted electronically. 

HANYS will update members on the status of the next DANY solicitation and its release date.  HANYS will continue to advocate to improve and maximize the usefulness of the DANY program, which helps ensure that under-served communities across New York have access to physicians. Contact: Sherry Chorost

Published June 1, 2012