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DOH Issues Details for 2012 Hospital CSP Requirement; HANYS Plans Webconference

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The Department of Health (DOH) issued the final details for the hospital 2012 Community Service Plan (CSP) submissions, which are due by September 15. 

Hospitals must submit a one-year update to their CSP by September 15; however, any hospital that determines that it must perform a community health needs assessment in 2012 to meet federal Internal Revenue Service requirements and may use that assessment for CSP purposes.  All other hospitals must submit a comprehensive plan, which will include a community health needs assessment.

HANYS will hold a Webconference on Friday, July 13, to update members on the state and federal community benefit requirements.  While the Webconference is complimentary for members, online registration is required. 


DOH is once again using an online tool to collect hospital 2012 CSP update information.   Contact: Sue Ellen Wagner

Published July 9, 2012