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Governor Signs HANYS’ Managed Care Legislation

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Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law HANYS-advanced legislation (A.9946-B/S.7071-B-Chapter #297) to reform certain health plan practices that result in unilateral payment reductions and claims denials.  This law, which takes effect on July 1, 2013, will prevent health plans from unilaterally down coding claims without reviewing a medical record and from denying hospital reimbursement if a hospital fails to provide timely notice of a medically necessary inpatient admission from the emergency department. 

Addressing inappropriate health plan practices is a key element of HANYS’ ongoing legislative reform agenda.  The passage of this important law is due to the advocacy and support from the membership, the Legislature, and the lead sponsors of this initiative, Senator Kemp Hannon (R-Garden City) and Assembly Member Joseph Morelle (D-Rochester).  HANYS thanks the Governor and the sponsors of this bill for their support of the critical reform contained in this law.

The legislative language for the new law is available online.   HANYS sent members additional details and issued a press release.     

The Governor also acted on other bills, signing legislation (S.3801-A/A.7193-A—Chapter #302) to require insurance coverage for reconstructive surgery following a partial mastectomy and vetoing legislation (A.10103/S.7083—Veto #135) to extend through the end of this calendar year an amnesty period related to interest and penalty charges associated with Health Care Reform Act surcharges based on prior year audits.   Contact: Nicholas Henley

Published August 2, 2012