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HANYS Advocates to Stop Health Care Cuts

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HANYS is aggressively advocating against a package of health care cuts the Governor has asked the State Legislature to consider upon its return to Albany on August 19 for a special session.

The Governor proposed more than $850 million in total health care provider cuts and taxes, which include the loss of federal matching funds for Medicaid, for the remainder of the current state fiscal year (SFY) 2008-2009. If enacted, these cuts and taxes would increase to a total provider loss of more than $1.5 billion when fully implemented in SFY 2009-2010. HANYS sent hospitals facility-specific reports showing how they would be harmed by the cuts.

“Cuts of this magnitude present difficult choices,” said HANYS President Daniel Sisto. “If implemented, providers would be put in the untenable position of eliminating the vital services which the patients in their communities depend upon and deserve.”

HANYS is working with key legislators and staff to explain the potentially harmful effects of the Governor’s proposal and issued an e-lert to members this morning with the details. – Julia Donnaruma

Published August 13, 2008