Resiliency Strategies

Four strategies for resiliency provide the key areas of focus for our 2019 Annual Membership Conference’s programming.

These resiliency strategies are the result of a HANYS board of trustees-driven, year-long strategic planning initiative in 2018. This initiative explored how trends will likely impact healthcare in the coming years and identified strategies to help New York’s healthcare providers prepare for various plausible future scenarios.


Control the dollar

Between pressure on the premium dollar, “docs in a box,” new specialty groups and growing partnerships between insurers and companies such as CVS, it is getting harder and harder for traditional providers to control the flow of the healthcare dollar. These conference sessions are designed to give providers ideas about different ways to build a sustainable future in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

understand consumers

Understand consumers

More convenience, simplicity and ease of access are increasingly being sought by consumers using healthcare services. These conference sessions will include innovative ideas and practices for providers to help put consumers at the center of care and improve their care experience while these providers continue to focus on improving quality and safety outcomes. 

embrace technology

Embrace technology

Artificial intelligence, virtual care, wearables… many new technologies are entering the healthcare sphere. How should providers react to these new entrants and tools in healthcare? These conference sessions are designed to help providers understand these technologies; embrace the opportunities they provide; and incorporate them into growth strategies, clinical care and operations.

innovate workforce

Innovate in workforce

Demographic trends show that the demand for healthcare workers will increase over the next decade as the baby boom generation ages. At the same time, workers and employees are seeking ways to have more flexibility in their scheduling, scope or job function. The idea of the “gig” or “shared” economy is also impacting healthcare. These conference sessions will help providers better understand some of the changes occurring in healthcare and provide best practices on how to adapt leadership approaches to meet the demands of the future.