Learning Objectives

The HANYS Annual Membership Conference brings healthcare executives from across New York State together to learn the latest trends in management, policy, and patient care.

This educational activity is jointly provided by AXIS Medical Education and HANYS

  1. Explore how healthcare systems can better engage physicians to build resiliency.
  2. Acquire tools to improve your patients’ experience of care and build loyalty.
  3. Examine today’s American healthcare system policies, politics, and challenges.
  4. Devise strategies for overcoming obstacles to operating in today’s volatile healthcare environment.
  5. Discover how to create value with limited resources.
  6. Compare various process improvement programs to determine what will work best for your organization.
  7. Discuss how marketing budget allocation can improve the patient experience.
  8. Assess tested solutions for treating patients with substance use disorder.
  9. Explore payer/provider relationship challenges and trust within the healthcare system.
  10. Discuss the latest trends in media, messaging, and branding in the digital age.
  11. Explore the challenges and opportunities of healthcare consolidations, mergers, affiliations, and partnerships in healthcare.