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Get to know the trends driving change in healthcare

Substantive healthcare debates are happening at the local, state and federal levels. We looked at trends that must inform those discussions.

Healthcare is incredibly dynamic. There is so much happening in healthcare every day – from new technological advancements and mergers to new market entrants shaking up where and how care is accessed. At the same time, evolving consumer preferences, demographic shifts and financial realities are driving change, as well.

Healthcare is dominating policy and regulatory debates, and it will continue to do so as the 2020 elections approach. Providers are part of those conversations, sharing the goals of making local communities healthier and improving access to affordable, quality care.

In order to make positive, sustainable change, all who look to improve healthcare must have a firm understanding of the trends driving change. Making data-backed decisions is critical.

HANYS’ new report reviews such trends and data points. Healthcare Trends: Insight for Resilience walks through 19 trends in four topics:

  • Healthcare costs and payment
  • Access to care and insurance coverage
  • Technology and consumerism
  • Market shifts
Healthcare Trends

Aware of these trends, hospitals and health systems are enhancing how they provide care to meet consumer’s changing preferences, pushing forward innovative quality and patient safety initiatives, embracing new technology and supporting a robust workforce that’s increasingly spending time outside hospital walls and in our patients’ homes and local communities.

Hospitals and health systems continue to make improvements to the healthcare system, as many other stakeholders aim to do. We encourage all striving to improve the healthcare system to become familiar with these trends and use them to guide your vision for the future.