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See how hospitals near you support your community, economy

HANYS’ latest economic and community benefit reports show that hospitals continued to make significant positive impacts – even in the midst of COVID-19 disruption.


2020 was a devastating, exhausting year – one that pushed our hospitals and healthcare workers on the front lines to the brink. But despite all of COVID-19’s challenges, New York’s hospitals continued to show up for their communities:

  • providing outpatient care to 49,500,000 outpatients;
  • delivering 207,000 babies.
  • treating 7,000,000 people in their emergency departments; and
  • admitting 2,100,000 patients.

At HANYS, we’re proud to celebrate the contributions New York’s hospitals and health systems make to their local communities and to the state at large, which go far beyond the care they provide. Take, for instance, the 867,000 jobs they’re responsible for generating – or their $13,200,000 in community benefits and investments.

We encourage you to read our economic and community benefit reports (updated Feb. 2022) to learn more about the many ways hospitals and health systems are contributing to the health and well-being of communities in your region and across New York state.

Your local hospital needs support

The pandemic did not end in 2020. Healthcare workers on the front lines, hospitals, health systems and post-acute care providers are still being battered — right now — by this pandemic.

That’s why HANYS has been urgently requesting policymakers in D.C. and Albany to provide short-term and sustained support to New York’s hospitals and health systems. Additional federal COVID-19 relief and swift FEMA reimbursement are urgently needed, as well as robust state investments in workforce, infrastructure and Medicaid reimbursement.

With that support, New York’s healthcare providers can recover from this pandemic, support and build upon existing access to care, and create a healthier future for New Yorkers.