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January 12, 2017

Statement by HANYS President Bea Grause Regarding the Governor’s State of the State Presentations

New York’s hospitals and health systems face many challenges in 2017. We are pleased that Governor Cuomo understands the nature of these challenges and wants to work with us to address them.  This collaboration will be especially important as the process of Affordable Care Act repeal and replacement unfolds.

In addition to his call for cooperation in dealing with federal legislative changes, the Governor has outlined a series of health policy initiatives. We support his plans for infrastructure improvements at certain hospitals, a life sciences cluster, wellness initiatives, and expanded opioid addiction treatment.

We are also very interested to learn more about the Governor’s plan to create a state board to review the price of prescription drugs, which are a significant driver of healthcare costs for our members as well as insurers and consumers.

We look forward to working with the Governor and legislative leaders on these and other initiatives.