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New York State Community Health Partnership (NYSCHP)

What is the New York State Community Health Partnership (NYSCHP)?

The New York State Community Health Partnership (NYSCHP) was formed in May 1998. This coalition brings together leaders of key public and private statewide groups to coalesce and support efforts to invest in local community health activities throughout New York State. The coalition has been meeting since then and its objectives include:

  • focusing community attention and stimulating action in health improvement initiatives;
  • facilitating partnerships of public and private organizations to address the health and social needs of unique communities; and
  • supporting policies and seeking funding that improve community health status

What are the activities of NYSCHP?

Routinely, the partnership focuses on activities related to the following principles:

  • being a resource to the Department of Health for its chronic disease grants and related activities, with a focus on increasing education on underlying factors of chronic disease;
  • educating the public on public health through the Focus newsletter and relevant conferences; and
  • promoting policy on specific community health issues.

The Focus newsletter is published quarterly and the partnership has sponsored conferences related to best practices in public health.

What is the vision of NYSCHP?

Members of the NYSCHP share a common vision of health improvement that encompasses the following principles:

  • the health and well-being of all New Yorkers should be maximized to the greatest extent possible,
  • an individual's health goes beyond medical and physical needs to include the emotional, social, economic well-being and spiritual dimensions of wellness,
  • an individual's health is dependent upon the social and economic attributes of the community, as well as the individual's actions and behaviors,
  • timely access to appropriate services should be available to all, and
  • local communities, through collaborative partnerships and sustained actions, can have the greatest impact on local health and social problems.

Which organizations serve on the steering committee of NYSCHP?

How can I find out more about NYSCHP?

For additional information on joining the NYSCHP contact Bridget Walsh at the Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy, 150 State Street, 4th Floor, Albany, New York 12144 or by calling (518) 463-1896 or at bwalsh@scanny.org. Information may also be received by contacting Sue Ellen Wagner at HANYS at (518) 431-7837 or at swagner@hanys.org.