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Mount Sinai Queens addresses bone health in its community

Nearly 44 million Americans experience osteoporosis and low bone mass, with the majority of them over the age of 50. At its annual Community Health Fair, Mount Sinai Queens provided complimentary bone mineral density screenings to more than 140 participants, helping community members understand their risk of osteoporosis and begin treatment if necessary.

Staff used a device to scan a participant’s foot and determine their T-score, which indicates conditions from high bone mass to severe osteoporosis. For women, the risk of an osteoporosis-related injury is greater than that of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer combined. Of those screened, 52.5% were women and the average age of the participants was 58.1 years old. Participants whose scans indicated possible osteoporosis or osteopenia were provided information on making an appointment with a primary care physician or a specialist.

Ten percent of those tested were counseled to follow up for possible osteoporosis and 34% for possible osteopenia. Eight percent of participants had abnormally high bone density, which is sometimes an indicator of other health conditions and requires follow up. More than 600 community members participated in Mount Sinai Queens’ complimentary Community Health Fair, which also included cholesterol and glucose testing, blood pressure screening, cooking demonstrations, massage therapy and medication counseling.

For more information, contact Kathy J. Rubenstein, senior director, marketing and communications, at (718) 267-4323 or kathy.rubenstein@mountsinai.org.

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