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Features & Objectives

HANYS - Johnson at Cornell University

Program Features

The Academy for Healthcare Leadership Advancement offers participants the opportunity to:

  • engage in a one-of-a-kind curriculum that packages foundational leadership skills and targeted healthcare issues, delivered by world-class faculty;
  • develop a capstone project plan based on a real-time challenge;
  • advance their professional careers by earning a program certificate from Cornell University;
  • develop leadership skills that will help advance their organizations’ missions; and
  • network with peers and colleagues from across the nation.

Program Objectives

  1. identify best practices for managers and leaders to motivate, engage and inspire others;
  2. discuss smart collaborating, “leading alongside,” smart decision-making and executing;
  3. plan how to get the best out of your direct reports, teams and peers in a variety of circumstances, including situations of conflict and difference;
  4. analyze financial statements and use this and other data sources to generate better hypotheses;
  5. define a business strategy and identify common traps in development and execution of that strategy;
  6. outline how marketing strategy and analysis can help improve hospital leader decision making and implementation, and reduce risk;
  7. review the current healthcare landscape, quality and patient safety concepts and new payment models – and their implications for those in leadership roles;
  8. identify key strategic issues in healthcare information technology and risks and approaches to healthcare IT safety;
  9. create a human resource data-driven operational culture with creative solutions;
  10. identify traits of a great critical thinker, obstacles to critical thinking success and the framework for critical thinking and problem solving;
  11. examine personal tendencies in the face of conflict and learn to manage your bargaining strengths and weaknesses;
  12. explore strategies successful healthcare leaders employ to address the pressing issues they face while sustaining their organizations’ mission;
  13. prepare a facility-specific action plan to improve patient satisfaction, reduce cost or enhance population health initiatives; and
  14. demonstrate how to work effectively within a team through case study and role-playing exercises.

2019 Dates

September 22 - 24 (at Cornell University)
October 1 - October 23 (Virtual Sessions)
November 3 - 5 (at Cornell University)


$5,500 per person.
Academy alumni organizations $4,950 per person.


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Questions about the program and registration?
Contact Cathy Oxentine, Office Manager, HANYS Solutions, at (800) 388-9821.