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This course was by far the best leadership and CME course I have ever taken in the 20 years I have been a physician.

— David Serra, MD
  Associate Medical Director
  Catholic Health System

Advanced Executive Leadership for Physicians provided a solid exploration into how to leverage your best attributes to enhance leadership skills.

— Kevin Gallagher, MD
  Glens Falls Hospital

An excellent program that exposes and educates physicians on matters of extreme importance necessary for professional and personal advancement; i.e., the secrets that your administrators and those you negotiate with know but hope you don’t.

— Alfred Tinger, MD
  Chief Radiation Oncology
  Northern Westchester Hospital

An excellent, well designed program from real life and experienced faculty. Invaluable.

— Rohan Jayasena, MD
  UHS Chenango Memorial Hospital

A unique opportunity to learn more about yourself, your leadership strengths and weaknesses, and how you are perceived by those you lead. Multiple key takeaways that will help further develop a positive leadership style.

— Reginald Knight, MD
  Vice President, Medical Affairs
  Aurelia Osborn Fox Memorial Hospital

Advanced Executive Leadership for Physicians provided practical skills to improve my performance as a leader and to inspire those with whom I work. I look forward to using and practicing what I have learned on a daily basis. Interacting with all of the other like-minded physician leaders at the program was another major asset.

— Karen Abrashkin, MD
  Northwell Health

Advanced Executive Leadership for Physicians helped me recognize my true leadership skills and what to do to realize my potential.

— Joseph T. Cooke, MD
  Chairman of Medicine

Advanced Executive Leadership for Physicians is an excellent course for both early career and seasoned physician leaders. It provides a great opportunity to build leadership skills.

— Sandy Sulik, MD
  Vice President, Medical Affairs
  St. Joseph’s Hospital Health System

Advanced Executive Leadership for Physicians gave me in depth skills that I can apply when delivering oral presentations, in my leadership presence, as well as in tasks such as speaking up at physicians’ meetings and managing an office. It also gave me more confidence that these skills can be learned, rehearsed, and perfected.

— Brenda Schlaen, MD
  United Health Services

Advanced Executive Leadership for Physicians will provide you with the skills and insight to make you a more effective leader. Both you and your organization will benefit from the improvement in leadership skills that you will develop.

— Marshal Reminick, MD
  Chairman, Department of Medicine
  Wyckhoff Heights Medical Center

Any physician who is in or is considering a leadership role will be better positioned for success as a result of attending Advanced Executive Leadership for Physicians. The knowledge and skills acquired and the networking and group interactions are invaluable and well-packaged to be easily accessible.

— Frederick Goldberg, MD
  Vice President, Medical Affairs/Chief Medical Officer
  Nathan Littauer Hospital

The HANYS/Cornell Advanced Executive Leadership for Physicians provided great insight into upcoming healthcare changes and key issues facing physician leaders, including compensation and provider interaction issues. The course also incorporated succinct take-home points with regard to presentation, thought process, and style that can be utilized when interacting with peers and superiors. The course was well-run and should be considered by any provider who is seeking or finds him/herself in a leadership role.

— Nicholas Hellenthal, MD, FACS
  Chief of Surgery
  Bassett Medical Center