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Value-based Payment Series: Physician Alignment and Buy-in in Alternative Payment Models - Webconference

October 29, 2020

Noon - 1 p.m.

Registration is open to HANYS Members and Non Members

Description: A core component of success in alternative payment models is the engagement and alignment of clinicians and teams. This session will explore ways to increase alignment and buy-in through engagement, communication, dashboards, etc. You will hear from health systems that have found success by engaging clinicians and teams.

Objectives for this session include:

  • educate providers on financial operations including payer contracts, quality performance measures and risk levels;
  • identify incentives for high performing physicians including quality, cost and patient satisfaction outcomes; and
  • provide key tips to ensure the organization has a strong strategy to align physician performance and financial outcomes.


Nicole Harmon, Vice President, Practice Advancement Strategies, HANYS Solutions

Lindsay Milchteim, Director, Program Development, Practice Advancement Strategies, HANYS Solutions

HANYS Value-based Payment Series
This webinar is part of HANYS Value-based Payment Series. Content in each session will highlight various aspects that providers and systems must consider as the shift from volume to value-based payment continues. Each session will highlight HANYS experts as well as system experiences. Additional sessions are listed below:

July 9: Experiences and Challenges

August 20: The Role of Data in Alternative Payment Models

October 1: The Role of Quality in Alternative Payment Models

November 19: Engaging Payers in Alternative Payment Models

December 17: What Impacts the Cost of Care?

Continuing Education Credits
There are no continuing education credits associated with this webinar.

If you have questions regarding registration please contact Registration Support at learning@hanys.org or at (518) 431-7867.

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