SWAT 2019 focuses on a growing problem: long delays in discharging patients who have complex needs and who are not able to easily be placed into non-hospital settings.

"Complex case patients" do not fit neatly into any discharge model. As a result, hospitals end up serving as unintended long-term homes for such patients, rather than being a way station to proper placement — often at a significant cost.

This education and networking event is devoted to developing solutions to help our hospitals and, most importantly, our patients. Sessions will promote conversation regarding the challenges hospitals face when trying to discharge complex case patients and encourage discussions focused on solutions. Participants will include a wide variety of stakeholders, including HANYS member hospitals and long-term care facilities, policymakers, payers, representatives from other states and interest groups representing these patients.

SWAT 2019 will facilitate a robust conversation with all relevant stakeholders who are willing to create substantive transformation in this space and work to find solutions for the individuals living in hospitals due to system failure. Attendees will hear from a variety of healthcare professionals and state regulatory agencies during the event, as well as engage with state policymakers as a way to explore legislative or regulatory strategies as solutions.

Example of complex case discharge delay

Adolescent in hospital for nine months:

  • Had traumatic brain injury, bipolar disorder
  • Rehabilitation center refused to take patient back
  • Was unable to be discharged to home
  • Multiple state and local agencies were involved
  • 22 places denied referrals before discharge
  • Resolution: Foster care