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August 27, 2008 News Headlines

HANYS Reviews Draft Immunization Registry Regulations

HANYS is reviewing proposed regulations that would define the requirements for operation of the new statewide immunization registry, including who may have access to the information.

The regulations, published today in the State Register, set forth the regulatory structure for the registry that was mandated by state law and began operation earlier this year. While reporting information to the registry is already mandatory as of January 1, 2008, the Department of Health (DOH) has allowed flexibility in the start-up as it continues to train users on the system and work out technical concerns.

HANYS was among several stakeholders invited to submit comments on an earlier draft and many of the suggestions were incorporated into the latest proposal, including flexibility for providers in rural areas with no Internet access and allowance of deferrals as providers work with vendors to transfer existing files to the new system.

The immunization registry, referred to as NYSIIS (New York State Immunization Information System), requires all providers practicing outside of New York City to report immunizations they give to children under age 19 into a Web-based system. New York City-based practitioners will continue to report into the existing Citywide Immunization Registry.

Birthing hospitals are exempt from entering information directly into the registry, but instead may use the special module on the electronic birth certificate to capture immunizations given to newborns. The state will transfer that information to the registry to begin the child’s vaccine history.

HANYS welcomes comments from members who have any concerns about the system or any elements of the proposed regulations. Comments on the regulations are due to the state October 11. Please submit any comments or questions to Karen Roach, Director, Regulatory Affairs and Rural Health, at kroach@hanys.org. Contact: Karen Roach