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CMS delays Star Ratings update

CMS will not be updating the CMS Overall Hospital Star Ratings this summer; this comes in response to concerns from HANYS and other stakeholders about potential program changes. The most recent Hospital Compare Data Preview Reports did not include updated Star Ratings.

According to a Modern Healthcare article, CMS officials noted the agency would not update the ratings in August. This will allow the Technical Expert Panel to complete its review of the many public comments received earlier this year. The American Hospital Association verified the article’s content and expressed support of CMS’ plan to postpone updating the Star Ratings. AHA also expressed support for TEP’s additional review of the comments.

HANYS developed an interactive advocacy tool that explained the impact of proposed changes and provided a vehicle for members to submit comments. HANYS also submitted comments on behalf of our members. We urged CMS to remove the Star Ratings from Hospital Compare until they address many flaws in the methodology.

HANYS will continue to monitor this issue and will update members when more information is available. Contact: Kathy Rauch

Published July 19, 2019