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Save the date for SWAT 2019: Tackling Complex Case Discharge Delays

Save the date for HANYS' annual managed care Strategies, Weapons and Tactics program, Oct. 23 to 24 at The Saratoga Hilton. This year's program is SWAT 2019: Tackling Complex Case Discharge Delays.

SWAT 2019 focuses on a growing problem in New York and around the United States: long delays in discharging patients who have complex needs and who are not able to be placed easily into non-hospital settings. "Complex case patients" do not fit neatly into any discharge model within the healthcare system; as a result, the hospital ends up serving as the unintended long-term home for such patients, rather than being a way station to proper placement, often at a significant cost. 

Join us for a SWAT program devoted to addressing this topic and developing solutions to help our hospitals and, most importantly, patients. Mark your calendar now and watch for program details, registration and hotel information to be shared soon. Contact: Victoria Aufiero

Published August 2, 2019