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HANYS responds to opinion piece critical of hospitals

A Sept. 1 opinion piece in The New York Times, “That Beloved Hospital? It’s Driving Up Health Care Costs,” casts a misleading and negative light on America’s hospitals and the reality providers face.

Hospitals have seen billions of dollars in payment reductions in the years since the Affordable Care Act was passed, and there are more on the way. The hospital industry isn’t fighting one reimbursement issue – we’re fighting dozens.

Despite those challenges, New York’s hospitals are making measurable progress in reducing health spending growth while improving access to high-quality care.

Hospitals are reducing medical inflation. HANYS’ member hospitals have and will continue to put forth constructive, collaborative ideas that reduce health spending growth without hurting patients and that take advantage of new ideas, technology and innovation.

Hospitals provide local service, open to all regardless of their ability to pay; provide stable, well-paying jobs; invest in their communities; serve as the front-line for epidemics and disasters; and manage emerging challenges.

They do not get off “scot-free” in Congress, and the public and politicians should not be led to believe that cutting hospital reimbursement will fix healthcare. Dr. Rosenthal’s angry messages run counter to the real need for the development of bipartisan, lasting solutions.

Published September 6, 2019