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HANYS holds Opioid Summit focused on breaking down the stigma of OUD and expanding MAT

HANYS’ Opioid Summit: Innovative Collaboration for Change took place on Sept. 24 in Saratoga Springs. Participants included statewide representation from more than 62 organizations spanning hospitals, health systems, peer recovery services, outpatient treatment programs, corrections, behavioral health and county and state departments of health.

The Opioid Summit included presentations focusing on integration of buprenorphine practices, stigma, harm reduction, persons with lived experience, evidence-based strategies, resources, tools and best practices along the continuum of care.

News Channel 13 coverage featured Dr. Paul Updike, medical director of substance use services at Catholic Health System in Buffalo, discussing OUD in pregnancy and primary care.

Following the summit, 14 physicians and nurse practitioners completed a free in-person buprenorphine training sponsored by HANYS and DOH, expanding the number of providers who are certified to treat patients with OUD. Contact: Erin Gretzinger

Published October 11, 2019