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Experience "Aha!" moments and unique takeaways at our new quality program

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Looking to improve your quality improvement team's knowledge and skills? We strongly encourage quality professionals of all experience levels to attend our new Quality Residency Program

An expanded version of HANYS' Quality Bootcamp, this new format offers four months of immersive and practical training in the fundamentals of quality improvement along with coaching, networking opportunities and a forum to apply newly learned skills.   

The Quality Residency Program will begin with an in-person session at HANYS in Rensselaer on Nov. 14, followed by five 90-minute virtual educational sessions. The Quality Residency Program will culminate with an in-person capstone event in Tarrytown on March 31, 2020.

Visit our website for the program agenda and available continuing education credits. Seats are limitedregister now. Registration closes Nov. 7. 

Published November 1, 2019