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Technology Solutions

The following is a list of vendors providing discounted telehealth and digital medical services to assist in meeting the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. This list of vendors is for informational purposes only and HANYS makes no guarantee regarding the services or products offered.


Comprehensive COVID-19 Digital Toolkit on a Unified Platform for Multiple Digital Health Partners

Working with multiple health systems and infectious disease specialists, Rx.Health has curated and integrated a set of digital tools under one umbrella that can be prescribed directly through electronic medical records and can support marketing/outreach teams, medical officers and triage nurses with one simple workflow. This digital toolkit enables:

  • electronic outreach for patients and the community;
  • digital triage for patients coming into the facility;
  • telehealth for further triage and consultation;
  • digital monitoring and dashboard to track potentially exposed, under investigation and quarantined patients; and
  • online training and checklist for healthcare workers.

Memora Health

Free COVID-19 Management System

Memora Health is partnering with healthcare organizations to deliver text-based triage and guidance about the COVID-19 outbreak for free, to providers and patients. The system enables people to text in to a phone number to get answers to common questions about COVID-19 and go through a simple triage pathway to determine if they are at risk or need a telehealth visit. This can be white labeled and customized to any health system’s triage pathways and internal telemedicine service.

Valera Health

Valera Health provides a comprehensive behavioral health solution including telehealth tools and services to provide behavioral healthcare. Valera is offering its care delivery platform to HANYS members at reduced prices and with the ability to go live in 48 hours. This platform can be used for any condition. The foundation of the platform is communication and Valera makes this possible through televideo and secure chat.

Expect to see more options as we receive and review offers from vendors. In no event will HANYS, its related affiliates or subsidiaries, be liable for any decision made or action taken in reliance on this information.



COVID Chatbot

This no-cost chatbot educates patients and screens symptoms.


Text messaging program

CareSignal offers an instantly-deployable, fully-automated, educational text messaging program.


ED telehealth platform

Use EmOpti’s virtual triage assessment for free during this crisis to minimize patient and provider exposure to COVID-19.


App to reach patients

Call patients using your cell phone, while displaying your office number. The Doximity app integrates with Epic, so you can call directly from the patient’s chart.


COVID-19 Screening Tool