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Hospitals seeking to set up drop-in childcare programs

Hospitals can set up drop-in childcare programs. These programs provide temporary childcare for the duration of the emergency. They are not required to be licensed or registered by OCFS or the Department of Education because they do not serve an enrolled group of children.

  • Guidance for hospitals considering this option is available here. Please note you do not have to send the completed forms back to OCFS. However, you should notify OCFS if you decide to set up a drop-in program.
  • Hospitals located in New York City interested in this option should contact the New York City Department of Education at Gfraenkel@schools.nyc.gov.
  • Hospitals located in counties outside of New York City that are interested in this option should contact the OCFS central office at (518) 486-7768 or their regional OCFS office.

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