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HANYS members have benefited for more than 45 years from the diverse portfolio of products and services offered by HANYS Solutions. To help members transform how they deliver care, HANYS Solutions offers its own Practice Advancement Strategies, and has also partnered with organizations to provide our members what they need to prioritize, manage, and sustain initiatives to improve patient care and quality outcomes.


PURPLESUN™ is a New York-based technology company that is transforming healthcare by creating the first non chemical-based standard for disinfection. They use evidence-based Focused Multivector Ultraviolet (FMUV), which is a unique and proprietary light technology that takes 90 seconds and does not require users to evacuate the room. These novel light-based products provide hospital members with the fastest, data-driven, sustainable solutions for infection prevention and decontamination strategies.

Nuance Performance Analytics

Nuance Performance Analytics help improve clinical, financial and patient outcomes by providing real-time data analytics and decision support systems to track, analyze and benchmarking performance.

Nuance Quality Measures

Nuance Quality Measures is a turnkey, web-based solution designed to simplify core measures abstraction and submission that provides daily updates to help improve core measure monitoring and compliance.

Sepsis Data Collection Tool

HANYS is committed to providing hospitals tools and resources that support the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) Sepsis Program data collection and submission requirements. In response to member requests for a more nimble and user-friendly tool, HANYS has-custom built an SQL database tool that provides efficiencies including access to historical data, and enhanced flexibility to address NYSDOH Data Dictionary changes and auditing requirements.

Practice Advancement Strategies

HANYS Solutions’ Practice Advancement Strategies delivers the solutions needed to help clients redesign their systems and move toward a value-based model of care. Our expertise in the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model, physician engagement, and information technology, along with our unique blend of healthcare business and policy intelligence enables us to employ a very focused, yet creative approach to meet the unique needs of our clients.

To truly transform practices requires a willingness to change throughout the organization and embed new ways of doing things—and oftentimes this means a real cultural shift. The status quo is no longer an option. There are proven initiatives and key elements that can help achieve true transformation to achieve the Triple Aim.

Joint Commission Continuous Service Readiness® (CSR®)

Joint Commission Resources, the consulting arm of The Joint Commission, offers a unique, subscription-based consulting service that HANYS endorses called Continuous Service Readiness (CSR).  This service provides members in-person and virtual customized assistance on accreditation, operations, and performance improvement projects.

Language Line®

Language Line offers accurate, timely language interpretation and translation services for limited English-proficient patients and their families.