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Bassett Medical Center Improves Disease Management Process

As healthcare transforms to the Value-Based Purchasing (VBP) model, in which reimbursement to healthcare providers is linked to the quality of care, Bassett Medical Center developed and executed an initiative to facilitate quality reporting while increasing access to the real-time information needed to attain and maintain continuous quality improvement. The initiative resulted in a positive impact in disease management.

A Performance Improvement Quality Metrics Workgroup, Data Analytics Team, and Performance Improvement Executive Council were established to successfully manage and improve performance regarding quality indicators, patient outcomes, and the patient experience. Through a comprehensive analysis of 76 clinical quality measures, the team prioritized the clinical quality measures on which to focus initially: hypertension and diabetes. Smaller teams and subject matter experts worked together to discuss process and workflow and establish evidence-based protocols and guidelines for hypertension and diabetes.

As a result, from 2015 to 2016, hypertension control increased 11%; hypertension control in diabetic patients increased 10%; depression screening increased 98%; and nephropathy screening in diabetic patients increased 7%.