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Crouse Hospital Reduces Readmissions & Improves Patient Satisfaction

To improve patient outcomes, Crouse Hospital implemented MedEx Bedside Prescription Delivery, the healthcare industry’s first-ever bedside medication delivery service for hospital patients. Patient Portal and Rite Aid provide the free service to patients who are discharged from the hospital, offering the convenience of receiving medications in the hospital room and avoiding the trip to the pharmacy. Before discharge, patients receive timely bedside medication delivery, pharmacist medication review and counseling, and follow-up reminders. After discharge, patients have access to a 24/7 pharmacist hotline and receive 5- and 25-day follow-up calls from a pharmacist.

By integrating community pharmacists into Crouse Hospital’s coordinated care process, the MedEx Bedside Prescription Delivery service helps to proactively address questions and concerns patients may have about their medications. In less than a year, this process has resulted in a 15% reduction in readmissions. Additionally, a Patient Portal internal study showed that of the patients using the MedEx service, 98% had an overall satisfaction rating; 97% found it helpful; 94% stated they would use it again; and 95% said they would recommend the service to others.