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Good Samaritan Fights Obesity with Healthier Families Program

What’s so great about going to class with your parents? Plenty, if it’s the Healthier Families Program provided by Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center and its partners. Children in grades 3-5 with high body mass indexes and their parents/guardians participate in a free 10- to 12-week program that focuses on healthy eating and enjoyable exercise and activity sessions. Good Samaritan works with an area school district and community wellness alliance to help prevent and reduce obesity.

Healthier Families is having an impact. At least 50% of children improved their body mass index and 80% racked up 500 minutes of exercise to meet the program goal. Parents are resolved to provide a healthier environment for their children and set a good example of healthy behavior. Perhaps the best measurement of all—several families repeated the program because they enjoyed it so much, learned a lot, and achieved success. Healthier children are growing up in healthier homes, to achieve what the program set out to do: place children and their families on the path to a lifetime of good health.