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Greater Hudson Valley Health System Promotes Worksite Wellness

There are many benefits to a robust worksite wellness program, including lower healthcare costs, increased productivity, and improved workplace culture. Hoping to inspire a culture of health at local worksites, Greater Hudson Valley Health System (GHVHS) created Health Means Business—a campaign to create regional worksite wellness movements and foster discussion on the interdependency of health and the economy.

Partnering with health departments and non-profits in the community, GHVHS coordinated worksite wellness coordinator trainings to share local health data, identify how poor employee health affects bottom lines, and educate employers on no-cost or low-cost solutions available to them. GHVHS and its neighborhood partners also provided worksite wellness initiatives that connected local businesses with resources in their community they did not know were available to them.

Since the start of Health Means Business, 500 Chamber of Commerce members have been educated, 110 Wellness Champions have been trained, and 13 new or newly inspired wellness committees have been initiated. Additionally, 33 area districts participated in the program.

For more information, contact Amanda Langseder, MSOL, CLC, Director, Community Health, Greater Hudson Valley Health System, at (845) 794-3300 or at alangseder@ghvhs.org.