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Long Island Jewish Medical Center Addresses Breast Cancer

Long Island Jewish Medical Center is addressing breast health disparities among African American and Hispanic women in Queens through its Cancer Community Connection Program (CCCP). Through evidence-based, culturally sensitive education and outreach, and comprehensive support from a patient navigator, the program works to reduce breast cancer mortality rates, remove barriers to screening and treatment, and successfully navigate women across the care continuum. Strong community partnerships play an integral role in helping CCCP build trust and reach challenging populations to facilitate cancer screening and care.

Since 2012, more than 2,800 community members received direct education and outreach, with 1,127 patients receiving breast cancer screening services with culturally competent patient navigation. There has been continuous growth of a network of collaborative partnerships with more than 60 organizations committed to improving access to preventive services. An active, engaged community-based volunteer team of 27 community ambassadors work to enhance collaboration by serving as culturally competent resources between vulnerable populations and cancer screening services. The program ensured that all 19 patients with positive cancer diagnoses were navigated successfully into treatment and support services.