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Maimonides Medical Center Provides Women-Targeted Cardiac Care

The predominance of men in cardiology and the lack of modesty afforded by heart exams can prevent women, especially those with faith-based modesty expectations, from receiving adequate cardiac care. The Heart to Heart Program at Maimonides Medical Center confronts this issue with women-targeted community outreaches.

Each Women’s Heart to Heart event creates an opportunity for Maimonides to hear the attendees’ stories, educate groups on healthy eating and active lifestyles, promote use of cardiac care resources, and even provide free screenings. The events are structured to be adaptable to the religious restrictions and priorities of different groups.

Since 2013, over 2,000 women have attended Heart to Heart events; 750 have been screened; 48% of those screened were found to have carotid artery blockage, high blood pressure, or thyroid nodules that required follow-up; and approximately one quarter of attendees made appointments to see a cardiologist at Maimonides. Maimonides’ goal is to host two stand-alone events per year, increase outreach toward younger women, and integrate other in-house programs to create all-inclusive women’s health events.

For more information, call 718.283.8902.