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Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital confronts mental health crises

Immediate and appropriate prehospital interventions for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis are essential to ensuring they receive needed treatment quickly. These interventions also reduce mental health-related emergency department admissions and potential arrests. In 2018, Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital (a member of UR Medicine) implemented a mobile crisis response unit to address this issue.

Noyes’ mobile crisis response unit is designed to deploy mobile crisis teams to provide after-hours crisis stabilization services on location using evidence-based protocols developed by mental health staff. The unit is a collaborative initiative between Noyes Mental Health and Wellness, Livingston County Department of Mental Health and local law enforcement agencies.

A master level social worker trained in the application of advanced crisis intervention techniques assesses each patient. The clinician appropriately triages for hospital admission or next-day outpatient services. Direct observation of the behavioral health clinician’s interactions with clients and ongoing case reviews enhance first responders’ ability to develop and implement effective hospital diversion tactics.