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Northwell Health provides behavioral health treatment to students

Studies show psychological distress in students is tied to lower academic success. Additionally, college is an especially vulnerable time for individuals’ mental health, with students often at greater risk of depression, anxiety and substance abuse. Northwell Health launched the Behavioral Health College Partnership at Zucker Hillside Hospital in 2009 to provide rapid, comprehensive mental health treatment to area college students.

At the point of crisis, students are met with a college public safety officer and paramedic trained to deal with psychiatric crises and taken to Long Island Jewish Medical Center's ED for assessment. This avoids a 911 call, which can be embarrassing for students and can inhibit their attempts to seek care. If inpatient care is needed the program has a special unit (located at Zucker Hillside), a welcoming, dorm-like environment catered to young people that allows for a sense of normalcy as students stabilize. Moreover, the program works with college counselors and administration throughout the treatment process to ensure successful transfer of the patients back into the school environment.

More than 3,200 students have been admitted to the Partnership since it began. Seventy-seven colleges in the New York metropolitan area currently participate in the program. In 2017, the Partnership was launched at Northern Westchester Hospital to serve local colleges.

For more information, contact Laura Braider, PhD, Director, Behavioral Health College Partnership, Zucker Hillside Hospital, Northwell Health, at (516) 410-5903 or at lbraider@northwell.edu.