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Rochester Regional Health Invests in a Healthier World

Each year, about one in six deaths worldwide is linked to pollution, according to The Lancet. To support a healthier community, Rochester Regional Health announced that by 2025, all electricity used by the system will be from renewable sources.

The system will take an incremental, three-pronged approach: reduce electricity use through equipment updates, facility modernization and routine facility maintenance; increase on- and off-site generation of renewable energy through initiatives such as solar panel generators; and purchase only renewable electricity for remaining needs.

Rochester Regional Health expects each energy efficiency project to pay for itself within two years and each renewable energy generation project to pay for itself within four years. Since 2015, Rochester Regional Health has reduced its annual electricity use by 6.5 million kilowatt hours – enough to power more than 600 average American homes for a full year. The organization is already saving approximately $650,000 per year; when Rochester Regional Health reaches its goal, conservative estimates project the system will save $1.5 million per year in electricity costs.

For more information, contactMike Waller, Ph.D., at michael.waller@rochesterregional.org.