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Samaritan Hospital Implements Health Home Model

Health homes are part of the larger effort to transform healthcare, leverage population health approaches, and simultaneously address costs and improve quality. As part of this initiative, Samaritan Hospital participated as the lead Health Home in a cross-county, multi-agency platform for care coordination across medical, behavioral, and social services.

Samaritan Hospital’s unique approach included building a properly resourced team to manage operations and identifying gaps in the service system. They brought together agencies with specialties in HIV, housing, domestic violence, brain injury, mental health, substance abuse, and primary care as the downstream provider agencies, which enables them to match individual needs with appropriate care management agencies. A newly developed cross-country, multi-agency steering committee shares decision-making, which has required the cooperation and collaboration necessary for the model’s effectiveness.

As a result, more than 40 network partners were engaged across healthcare and social services to ensure adequate services for Health Home recipients. The program reached 5,079 people in 2014 and 8,936 in 2015 (a 175% increase). Outreach increased by 67% in the two-year period and the number of enrolled members doubled. The conversion rate of 22% exceeds statewide averages.