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St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center Improves Patient Outcomes

St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center worked collaboratively with emergency medical services (EMS) providers to enhance their communication with emergency department (ED) staff and facilitate care in the ED.

Timely communication of critical patient data from EMS providers allows the ED to prepare for ischemic stroke arrivals and activate the stroke team to minimize the time required to complete essential diagnostics. The “trigger” of the EMS communication expedites determination of the patient’s candidacy for tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) administration and facilitates timely and appropriate care. Each second in delay of treatment reduces the likelihood of a favorable patient outcome.

Successful results include: all ischemic stroke patients received IV tPA within 60 minutes of arrival and 50% received it within 45 minutes of arrival; door-to-ED physician assessment time improved 13.5%, with 89% of stroke patients assessed by the ED physician within 15 minutes of arrival; and there was a 74% increase in obtaining quality pre-hospital communication from EMS during transport of a potential stroke patient.