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St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center Decreases Hypoglycemia Events

After seeing a high proportion of patients with diabetes, St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center created a Hypoglycemic Task Force, an inter-professional team with a focus on education and standardization of protocols. Because of the significant impact on quality of patient care for high-risk and chronic disease patients, safety, and overall population health, the goal of this initiative is to proactively decrease inpatient hypoglycemic events.

The inter-professional team evaluates episodes of hypoglycemia daily, initiates changes at the patient and system level, educates pharmacies and providers about the principles of daily dose insulin regimens, modifies insulin protocols, and leverages new electronic health records to identify patients on insulin with a hypoglycemic event.

As a result, this initiative led to a 44% decrease in the rate of severe hypoglycemia and a 66% decrease in repeat episodes.