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Stony Brook University Hospital Streamlines Delivery of Acute Care Surgery

Prompt diagnosis and treatment of acute appendicitis are necessary to provide optimal patient care. That’s why Stony Brook University Hospital established the Exigent General Surgery (XGS) Service, which has led to continued advances in surgical throughput and streamlined care by coordinating efforts with the Emergency Department (ED) and the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC).

The partnership of clinical and administrative leadership has seen considerable success in expanded hours, staffing, and facilities. General surgeons operate the XGS Service that streamlines the care of patients presenting in the ER with acute abdominal conditions, decreasing both the time to surgery and the length of stay in the hospital. Providing minimally invasive treatment in most cases, this service allows for earlier surgical intervention, doesn’t disrupt the elective schedule, and doesn’t result in patients having to wait for admission to a bed needed by someone else with more acute needs.