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UR Medicine Thompson Health Prepares Students to Manage Their Health

Common concerns for parents and educators regarding children in their care, such as self-esteem, eating healthy, exercise, and stress, are intertwined and health-related. In 2014, UR Medicine Thompson Health collaborated with Ontario County’s largest school district, Canandaigua Central School District, to create Braves Camp.

The two-day camp is held four times each summer and focuses on creating a smooth transition for fifth-graders heading to middle school, a vastly different environment from elementary school. During camp, students learn about health-related topics such as healthy relationships and lifestyles, how to handle and identify stress, coping with peer pressure, and healthy eating.

Camp registration has more than doubled since the program began: 100 in 2017 versus 49 in 2014. A survey showed 30% positive change when campers were asked if they could identify signs of stress, as well as improvements when asked about exercise, eating healthy, self-esteem, making friends, and having confidence to ask for help. During the first days of school, teachers and staff noticed a clear difference in comfort and confidence levels between students who had attended camp and those who hadn’t.

For more information, contact Tina M. Culver, RN, BS, CWPC, Community Wellness Manager, UR Medicine Thompson Health, at (585) 396-6491 or at tina.culver@thompsonhealth.org.