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University of Rochester Medical Center improves care using comprehensive medication management

Integrating clinical pharmacists in team-based primary care models to provide comprehensive medication management is a validated, systematic, collaborative approach to appropriately prescribing medications, particularly for high-risk patients. In 2019, the University of Rochester Medical Center began an initiative to strengthen its primary care teams using CMM and pharmacy-based patient care.

Programs with fidelity to the CMM care model contribute to the quadruple aim: better outcomes, lower costs, improved patient experience and healthcare team well-being. URMC and Accountable Health Partner collaborated to develop a one-team approach to standardize their pharmacy patient care process and ensure adherence to the CMM model of care.

URMC used CMM to reduce implementation variability, drive clinical impact and scale the service across multiple new sites. CMM was implemented in 10 primary care practice sites by embedding clinical pharmacists, resulting in medication regimen optimization and improved disease control.

Over the 19-month implementation period, 716 high-risk patients engaged in CMM with a clinical pharmacist, resulting in the identification and resolution of more than 3,500 medication therapy problems.

For more information, contact Bob Adams, director, CMM program at Bob_Adams@urmc.rochester.edu or 585.455.2448.