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Westchester Medical Center Health Network promotes good nutrition

There is a well-established link between good nutrition and good health. A healthy diet is essential to treating certain chronic diseases, including diabetes and heart disease, and coping with obesity and food allergies that can lead to health complications and consequently increase healthcare costs for patients and providers. In 2018, the Westchester Medical Center Health Network initiated its Faith & Flavor series to promote well-being in their community through healthy food preparation and lifestyle choices.

Faith & Flavor is a part of WMCHealth’s faith-based, community partnership initiative and Food for Life Campaign, which partners with local food producers, sellers and restaurateurs to emphasize the importance of nutrition and improve access to wholesome foods. In the Faith & Flavor series, WMCHealth nutrition experts and chefs visit faith-based institutions and provide education, advocacy and simple food preparation techniques to equip individuals with the means to make healthy and satisfying meals for themselves and their families.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. In 2018, four institutions were visited with an average of 20 attendees per event, and the program is expected to expand in 2019.

For more information, contact Michelle Johnson, senior director of diversity, inclusion and community engagement, at community@wmchealth.org.