Mark your calendar and plan to attend our virtual advocacy event, March 2-3.

Your participation in our virtual advocacy days is critical to making sure our voices are heard and achieving our advocacy goals in 2021.

This year’s advocacy event will feature key legislators from the New York State Senate and Assembly Health and Insurance Committees in a virtual format to help promote our message safely and responsibly.

Advocacy priorities

2021 promises to be another challenging year, requiring shared and persistent advocacy by HANYS’ members.

COVID-19 has created a financial crisis for hospitals across New York state. Hospitals and health systems, including nursing homes, desperately need more help and the number of challenges providers face is growing during the second COVID-19 surge.

The state faces a multi-billion dollar deficit and without federal aid, New York’s Medicaid program could see significant cuts in the middle of this pandemic.

In addition to preserving provider funding, meaningful reforms related to managed care, telehealth and workforce are critical to responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

We must advocate with a unified voice. Join us, and mark your calendar for March 2-3!