Sessions and Registration

All sessions will be held 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. | Register for each session separately; attend as many as you like.

Session 4 | June 12

Leading through change

Explore the VUCA model (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity countered by vision, understanding, clarity and agility) and examine how self-awareness, growth mindset and resilience are at the core of being a transformational leader.

Learning objectives

  • Summarize change management best practices;
  • outline strategies to communicate more effectively, achieve buy-in and reduce resistance to change in the workplace;
  • describe how to connect the emotional and intellectual aspects of change; and
  • develop an adaptive and agile mindset and explain how that is critical to individual and organizational success.

Session 3 | April 10

Crucial conversations and conflict resolution

Delve into common sources of conflict in healthcare organizations and examine strategies to effectively handle conflict through skilled communication, emotional intelligence, empathetic listening, productive questioning and expectation setting.

Learning objectives

  • Identify conflict management skills that can be used to prevent misunderstandings and resolve issues;
  • demonstrate confidence in handling difficult workplace conversations; and
  • recognize the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence when working with people.

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Session 2 | Feb. 14

Establishing boundaries and time management best practices

Examine boundaries and why they are critical to leadership and self-care. Examine time management strategies and priority setting for peak performance in today’s new world of work.

Learning objectives

  • Explain what boundaries are and how to establish them;
  • describe how to incorporate simple time management best practices and tips into daily routines to become more empowered, focused and productive; and
  • recognize the importance of self-care and how it links to boundary setting and time management to improve performance, outlook and leadership ability.

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Session 1 | Dec. 6

Fundamentals of leadership

Explore the fundamentals of effective leadership that are worth mastering – how to influence others, inspire performance, deliver results and build trust.

Learning objectives

  • Examine approaches to increase self-awareness of effective leadership behaviors;
  • improve overall communication skills to become a more effective listener;
  • develop skills and techniques to build trusting relationships that drive loyalty and engagement; and
  • demonstrate how to ask empowering questions that foster individual accountability and ownership.

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