Learning Objectives

Attendees of The Academy will:

  • identify best practices for clinicians and administrators in healthcare organizations to motivate, engage and inspire;
  • discuss smart collaborating, “leading alongside,” decision-making and executing;
  • plan how to get the best out of your direct reports, teams and peers in a variety of scenarios, including conflict situations;
  • analyze financial statements using real-world healthcare examples;
  • define a business strategy;
  • identify common traps in the development and execution of that strategy;
  • outline how marketing strategy and analysis can help reduce risk and improve hospital leader decision-making and implementation;
  • review the current healthcare landscape, quality and patient safety concepts and new payment models, and their implications for those in leadership roles;
  • identify key strategic issues in healthcare information technology and risks and approaches to healthcare IT safety;
  • explain how developing and investing in your workforce fulfills an organization’s mission and positive patient outcomes;
  • review the critical thinking challenges faced by doctors, nurses and other healthcare decision makers;
  • provide frameworks for high-quality strategic decision-making;
  • examine your personal tendencies in the face of conflict and strategies for engaging more effectively with patients, clinicians, administrators and external providers;
  • explore strategies employed by healthcare leaders to address pressing issues while sustaining your organization’s mission;
  • prepare a facility-specific action plan to improve patient satisfaction, reduce cost or enhance population health initiatives; and
  • demonstrate the essentials of working collaboratively across a cross-functional team within a clinical healthcare setting.