Learn the Latest from State and National Experts

As discussions around the future of healthcare and coverage continue, it remains critical that providers and the various stakeholders renew their focus on collaboration and partnership.

HANYS’ 49th Annual Membership Conference, FACING THE FUTURE: Shaping Healthcare Together will offer state and national experts who will help guide us as we seek new alliances and relationships with other members of the healthcare community—insurance organizations, government agencies, consulting and legal entities, legislators, media, and the public—to shape healthcare together.

During the two-day conference, there will be opportunities to relax and network with colleagues, and share successes as we honor our annual award recipients.

On Wednesday, June 21, two pre-conference events will be offered. High Reliability Boot Camp, a six-hour workshop for leadership teams, will go beyond simple theory to provide tangible strategies for applying high-reliability concepts to the rapidly evolving healthcare environment. American College of Healthcare Executives will sponsor an educational session and reception/award presentation. Separate additional fees are required for each of these pre-conference sessions.