2020 Honorees

UR Medicine Jones Memorial Hospital

Community Health Improvement Award

Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles

Maryhaven Center of Hope

Pinnacle Award | post-acute or outpatient facility

The Reduction of Aggressive Behaviors and Injuries to Staff via De‑escalation Training and Debriefing

Saratoga Hospital

Pinnacle Award | hospital with less than 200 beds

Eliminating Unnecessary Treatment of Clostridioides Difficile Infection and Associated Patient Harm Through the Adoption of Innovative Diagnostic Testing and Antibiotic Usage Reduction Strategies

SBH Health System

Pinnacle Award | hospital with 200-500 beds

The New Definition of “Clean” - Use of Adenosine Triphosphate Bioluminescence Surface Testing to Validate Cleaning Practices and Aid in Decreasing Hospital Acquired Infections

Northwell Health

Pinnacle Award | hospital system/consortium of providers or hospital with more than 500 beds

Implementation of a Centralized Mortality Review Process Across a Large Integrated Healthcare Organization

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